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Engager is a new broadcast ratings and data analytics provider with offices in Dublin & Los Angeles, which gives real-time social media insights and transparency on audience demographics and sentiment to TV networks, production companies, advertising agencies, and distributors.

Engager gives you access to the full picture.

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Dynamic Design

Engager features an award winning dashboard design. We deliver real-time data analysis in a user friendly format using graphs and comparative charts.


Engager’s sentiment analysis tool enables subscribers to gain real-time insights on how audiences feel about specific shows.

Competitor Analysis

Engager allows subscribers to compare their shows performance with those being aired by competitors.

“In RTÉ Television we are very happy with the Engager product. It is particularly helpful in that it has a focus on TV and I’m not aware of any similar products that can do this. I would certainly recommend the product if trying to understand the link between social and TV content.”

Paul Loughrey

Head of Audience Insights

Engager are TAM’s SocialTV measurement provider in Ireland.

“TAM Ireland are delighted to be working with Engager. The Engager data will provide us with further evidence of the power of TV and its impact on the social media activity of viewers. The knowledge of this type of viewer behaviour will provide added insights into the strong bond viewers have with the programmes they are watching and give us a greater sense of engagement levels.”

Jill McGrath


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