It’s one thing to peer through your neighbour’s window as they gather in the sitting room to lay claim to the sofa and TV remote, however, an even better thing would be doing this from the comfort of your own home.

As strange as the concept for Googlebox Ireland seems when you say it aloud, it’s definitely different from most reality TV we’ve seen in Ireland to date. Admittedly, we did think “that’s a bit out there” tuning in each week to watch people on TV watch people on TV (strange aloud, right?) but when watching some of these hilarious families congregate in their front rooms is more entertaining than leaving the house (on these bitter April evenings!), it’s hard not to get pulled into Googlebox land week after week.

The Googlebox families – Ireland’s elite TV binge watchers, have left us all wanting more! The Wednesday night line-up is full of standout characters with big personalities: The Tully twins – Fergal & Neal (clearly a no shoes policy in their house), The Ryan’s – Eva and her two sons James and Alex and my personal favourites The Cabra Girls.

Although we say goodnight and god bless to Googlebox Ireland, with a lot of laughs, a lot of tea and a lot of Cabra, this season has been a huge ratings success for TV3.

Make sure to tune into Gogglebox Ireland season finale tonight at 9:00pm on TV3 and for those who missed out on the season so far, click on to TV3 player and catch up!