There is no doubt that Love Island is one of the most talked about programmes of the year in Ireland. It has definitely been a winning acquisition by TV3‘s Bill Malone but let’s take a look at the social figures* in a bit more detail.

The opening episode which aired on 3e on the 4th of June saw a whopping 13,644 engagements coming in on Twitter alone. 65% of these interactions came from women and 35% came from men. The peak engagement level took place at 20:45 (just before the show aired) with 1,500 organic tweets being pulled in.

Interestingly, TV3 did not seem to capitalise on such a large opening social audience. Episode 2 shows a 75% decrease in social audience engagement which is quite significant. This tell us there was a solid promotional campaign and strategy for Love Island, however, TV3 may have neglected a social audience retention strategy.

The Live Final taking place on 3e drove 4,100 engagements on Twitter. 80% of these engagements came from women while 20% came from men. The peak engagement level took place at 22:35 with 300 organic tweets being pulled in.

Overall, TV3 has seen a total of 200,000 organic tweets throughout the series from 80,000 unique users. 135,000 of these tweets took place during the live broadcast transmission window. The show has also got a core returning fanbase (fans returning to social media for more than 3 episodes) of 5,700 users.

The top 4 media influencers in Ireland for this series are:

Love Island has been the force behind the highest social audience engagement Ireland has seen to date.

*This article excludes data from Facebook and Instagram due to GDPR but if you wish to gain access to this data please contact us at